Travel Journalism

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I was a travel editor of the glossy magazine, Options. When that magazine folded and I went freelance I was working both as a health journalist and a travel journalist.

At that time I contributed travel articles to publications including The Times newspaper and World of Cruising Magazine and loved every minute of it.

Eventually though I decided that I needed my trips away from home to be a break from work and I gave up travel journalism – but, my passport was still in serious use.

I missed writing about travel and so in 2017 I decided to start my blog Differentville. This aims to find the lesser-known things to do in a destination and that also reflects the type of travel journalism I do best – listicles or itinerary posts that surprise the reader, or articles on small, often unnoticed elements of a trip like the time I interviewed the chef of The Ghan about what it’s like to cook while rattling through the outback or a trip to the local hot springs in Taipei!

In 2019, I decided to go back full circle and add travel writing alongside my health work. Since then my work has appeared in The Australian, Jetstar Magazine, Body & Soul at the Sunday Telegraph, RAC Horizons, and Sainsbury’s Magazine in the UK.

I also offer blog or web copy for travel sites and my corporate clients have included articles for the Japan National Tourism Organisation and branded content on the Flybuys scheme for .

You can find some of my articles here …