Health Journalism

Image of exploding vitamin capsule with the words health journalism written on them. Site author Helen Foster is a  health journalist is Sydney so the image represents her work.

Since going freelance in 1999 I have written health articles for virtually every newspaper and women’s magazine in the UK and numerous international titles – most prominently those in Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

Writing health for so long means I know what’s accurate and useful, but also, what’s new to say about stories that have been covered many times before.

My USP is finding something people didn’t know about a subject and creating new angles in health to keep readers informed – and interested.

I’m adept at tracking down new research and speaking to expert doctors and scientists. I then translate their work into simple language that the reader can use to improve their own health.

My Clients

My health work has appeared in magazines including Women’s Health (UK and Australia), Reader’s Digest (UK and Asia Pacific), Stylist, Stella Magazine, Red, Glamour, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Weight Watchers (UK and Australia) Slimming World, Top Sante, Sainsbury’s Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Best, Woman’s Own, Woman, HCF Agenda and Good Health magazine in Australia and New Zealand.

I have also written for a large number of newspapers including Good Health at the Daily Mail, Body & Soul at the Sunday Telegraph, Australia, The Observer, The Telegraph, The Independent on Sunday, The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Mail and The Express.

I am also currently editor of KinCare magazine, the lifestyle magazine for customers of Australian aged-care company KinCare.

Some examples of my work are here…