I wrote my first book, Dejunk Your Life in 2002 and since then have had another 17 health, lifestyle and diet books published under my own name.

These include Quit Alcohol for a Month, The High Fat Diet and the bestselling Easy GI Diet. My books have been translated into at least 17 different languages and can be found in libraries all over the world.

If you’re a publisher that has an idea for a health, nutrition or lifestyle book, I can work with you to turn it into a published manuscript.

My services including working up the proposal as well as simply delivering a finished book. I have written books solo and in conjunction with leading personal trainers and nutritional experts.

I’m known for being able to turn round projects quickly and accurately.

I have also ghost-written titles for celebrities and high profile experts. Unfortunately, the very nature of being a ghostwriter means I can’t tell you they are, but at least, if you are looking for a discreet writer then you know who to come to!

Being a ghost writer means writing a book that conveys the named-writer’s expertise and knowledge in a way that reflects their personality and brand image. It involves condensing what’s often many years of professional knowledge into clear concise chapters that fit the structure of the book. If you want to write a book, but, don’t have the time to do so yourself, or aren’t sure the process is for you I can help – including putting together a proposal to take to a publisher.

My Book Titles include…