About Me

My name is Helen Foster and I am a freelance health journalist, a freelance travel journalist, author of numerous health and lifestyle books, creator of three blogs – one in health, two in travel and a content creator for a number of websites.

I am UK-trained but now work out of Sydney in Australia. I contribute to titles in both countries.

Since going freelance in 1999 I have written for virtually every newspaper and women’s magazine in the UK and numerous international titles – most prominently those in Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

I have also had 17 health, diet and lifestyle books published by major publishers including Quit Alcohol for a Month, The High Fat Diet and the bestselling Easy GI Diet. My books have been translated into at least 17 different languages.

I have also ghost-written titles for celebrities and high profile experts.

I was runner up in the 2012 Guild of Health Writing Awards: Best Consumer Feature Weekly Magazine. I lost to New Scientist which I class as an honour.

I run three blogs. The health blog Not Your Normal Health Blog which answers common health questions; the travel blog Differentville which finds the quirky, fun things to eat, see and do in a destination. And, in 2021 I launched Japlanease.com which aims at helping travellers to Japan find their way around the country.

If any of that sounds like something I can also help you with, then please click the below button to go straight to my contact form.

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